Welcome to Lancer Analytic – Where You Learn From Your Data!

Lancer Analytic is a service system designed to incorporate your data into a Learning Management System.

The unique compatibilization system that Lancer Analytic has developed incorporates a machine learning platform with a proprietary competency development model that uses your data from various sources as learning content for on-line and onsite training.

The Lancer Analytic system can receive data in many forms from:

    • Maintenance CMMS (UpKeep, MaintainX, Limble, Hippo, eMiant, Fiix, Smartsheet, etc.)
    • Process and Production Reports (Workplans, SPC, KPIs, Forecasts, Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, etc.)
    • Human Resources (training, labor, payroll, performance assessment, etc.)
    • Accounting and Financial Reports (Enterprise, SAP, Oracle, BQE, Fathom, Jirav, etc.)
    • Analysis Laboratories (non-destructive testing, assays, diagnostics, condition monitoring, etc.)
    • Outside Services (vibration analysis, thermography, ultrasonic, guided wave, x-ray, MCA, etc.)
    • Failure Analysis (FMEA, FRACAS, FEA, FTA, etc.)
    • Quality Control & Assurance (defect, non-conformance, audits, control, inspections, etc.)
    • Purchasing & Procurement (procurement KPIs, supplier devivery, costs, specifications, etc.)
    • Safety (HAZOP, PHA, OSHA, inspections, incident, hazard, accident, etc.)
    • Staff Reports and Emails (PDF, Excel, Word files, etc.)

Your unique data is transformed into content designed to provide competency development by way of a Learning Management System. Now – all the work that has been done is transformed into training classes per topic or content depth.

A baseline competency is developed, then your data is used to build more micro-classes lasting 5 to 10 minutes each. These classes are managed according to your unique requirements.

Find out more on how Lancer Analytic can turn your work and data into a competency development system!

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